July 16th – 20th        9:00 – 12:00 NOON

Children (entering or completed) Grades 1-5
Student Volunteers (entering or completed) Grades 6-12
Cost $30/Family

1. Our entry door, where “Marshmallow” the Rescue Dog sits, will open for your kids at 8:30 each morning. Hopefully by 9:00 am we will all be in the activities center

2. On the first day of VBS your child will receive a lanyard with a badge that tells them their Crew group and they will be gathered by the crew leaders.

3. They will also receive a strip of 5 “Bible Buddy” tags and a colorful carabiner clip with a small clip which they slide their tags onto as soon as they receive them. The carabiner, with the Bible Buddies, should be clipped onto their lanyard which the group teacher, or assistant, will give to them each day and collect them at the end of each day so that no one loses them or forgets to bring them to VBS. On Friday they can keep all these and take them home to explore and enjoy. The lanyards are not solid, but have Velcro attachments at the top for safety.

4. Children will find their group by looking for a colored sign held up by one of our assistants, matching their group color lanyard badge. We will start the day with morning introductions and announcements, a skit and music! Students will then be rotating between teachers to Kid Vid Cinema, Outdoor Activities, Food Craft, Material Adventure and Habits of Prayer.

5. A copy of the weekly schedule with instructions on use of the Bible Buddy app will be available at the registration table. You are welcome to stay and watch the opening group gathering, skit and song before the kids move to various stations and return around 11:30 for our closing songs and penny war.

6. Please apply sunscreen and bug spray before arriving at VBS. Our outdoor activities will be 20 minutes long.

7. Please do not send any snacks with your children. We have children with food allergies and we will be providing safe snacks. Do let us know if your child has special dietary needs.

8. Plenty of water will be given throughout the day and a daily healthy snack will be provided, as well as a sweet snack during Food Craft.

9. We will be holding a “Penny War” between groups to raise money for the Bridges of Hope (Haiti/Dominican Republic Aid to the poor). See details on separate hand out sheet (forthcoming).

10. We will hold a potluck on Wednesday for parents/guardians and the kids. There is a sign-up sheet for sides. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served at the pavilion on the hill behind our church. If the weather is not cooperating we will eat and have fellowship in the activities center.

11. Between 11:45 and 12:00 noon, your children can be picked up from the gathering area inside the church. At 11:25 our groups will gather again in the activities Center for Penny War results, Song and prayer. You are welcome to arrive at this earlier time to watch.

12. The children will wait in their groups for you to pick them up. They will not be allowed to exit the church building or be picked up in the parking lot. Please approach the adult Group Overseer every-day to pick up your child.

13 We need helpers to take down and clean up after VBS on Friday (Taking down the stage, removing decorations, storing away materials). We will begin immediately following the Friday closing at noon. Many hands make small work so we appreciate any help we can get in this.

1. Fill out our Religious Education Registration Form online by clicking on: VBS Registration
2. Arrive early the first day and complete the form and make payment at the entrance table.

If you have any questions contact Tony DiMaria, Director of Faith Formation at 810 231-9199 x209.