State of the Parish Articles

2017 STATE OF THE PARISH REPORTS, as printed in the Bulletin

BOOK & GIFT SHOP: Our Book Shop is run by Shawn Spagnuolo and Mary Anne Bastian, and is well-stocked with Religious art, statues, rosaries, jewelry, sacramentals, cards and & gifts for all occasions. We also carry a wide variety of Catholic books, bibles, & DVD’s. We have two new employees this year, Rick Krul and Maria Gonzalez, who help with weekend hours. Stop in for a visit! Special orders are always welcome, and so are you. ~Shawn Spagnuolo, 810-231-9199 ext. 206

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: Fosters full participation of all members of the Parish community in the life and mission of the Parish, helps steward the Parish community’s time, talents, and treasure, facilitates the spiritual and material well-being of the Parish community, and provides counsel and advice to the Pastor in support of the Parish mission. Activities include the St. Joseph Table Pasta Dinner (annual event in March welcoming new parishioners), Parish Picnic (held the second Sunday in September), and the Advent by Candlelight Tea (held the first weekend of Advent). Members must be registered member of the Parish for at least 2 years, 18 years old, received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and be a practicing Catholic. Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday at 7pm. Visitors are welcome to attend. ~Ann Bollin, President,

PRAYERLINE: A team of two dozen faithful who are contacted when someone is in need of prayer. Only one phone call is needed to the coordinator (248-397-8881) who in turn calls the top tier of the ‘phone tree’, after which all members are called. Members then include the intentions in their daily prayers. When the Parish Office is called, the person is placed on the Sick List in the bulletin and Adoration Chapel, the Prayerline is called and Fr. John is notified. Names remain on the Sick List for 4 weeks unless continuing prayers are requested. Optionally, information can be given so that a get well or encouragement card can be sent from the Divine Mercy Cenacle group. The power of prayer can work miracles! ~Joanne Bettis, 248-397-8881

EUCHARISTIC ADORATION: Many members of our parish and community give Jesus a guard of honor and love by committing to spend one hour of their time each week, both during the day and throughout the night, to sit with the Most Blessed Sacrament in our Adoration Chapel behind the altar. We do not yet have 24/7 perpetual Adoration, but would like to attain this; it is written that many graces can be attributed to the establishment of a parish Perpetual Adoration program: an increase in Mass attendance and reception of the sacraments; return of fallen-away Catholics and increase in the number of conversions; increase in religions and priestly vocations; renewal of Catholic family life; spiritual level of the people is raised with a resulting desire and courage to spread the “good news” to others; a greater community spirit, centered as it is on the heart of the parish, Jesus’ Real Presence in the Eucharist. If you would like to deepen your prayer life and make our Parish a strong body of love to our Creator, please sign-up for one of the many open hours, or to share an hour or become a substitute or division leader. The Leadership Team meets once a month from September to June, and there is a special meeting for Adorers two or three times a year or as needed. ~Gary

PARISH OFFICE: A few changes have taken place this year. Andrea has come on staff full-time with her main responsibility being bulletin editor, media coordinator and secretary, and Marie continues working part time. Together, we share the secretarial duties which includes greeting visitors, maintaining parishioner records and registering new parishioners, assisting parishioners and public with Mass intention requests, recording  and updating sacramental records, ordering office, liturgical and fellowship supplies, contacting various ministries for funeral services, preparing weekly intercessions and announcements for Masses, managing the Parish calendar of events and printing the monthly calendar, posting weekly contributions, collecting, counting and depositing miscellaneous cash at the end of the month, assist in the bookstore and business manager as needed along with other miscellaneous tasks that come up. We have a new office arrangement thanks to Facility Director, Tim, which allows for a better flow in the office for both staff and visitors. Also, thanks to the generosity of a parishioner, Andrea has a new computer with dual monitors to make editing the bulletin, websites, calendars much easier! Brenda Johnson volunteers in the office each week doing filing and special projects as needed. It is a joy to have her bubbly personality lighten up Tuesday mornings. J Please feel free to stop by or call 810-231-9199 x200 if you have any questions or concerns. If you happen to get our voicemail, please be assured that messages will be responded to in a timely manner. We are both very happy to serve the parishioners of Holy Spirit Church in any way that we can. ~Marie Lelko and ~Andrea McGrath, or

FAITH FORMATION: Halfway through my second year, I’m wondering where the time went and I am pleased to see God’s grace poured out through our parish formation work in 2017. Joan Otten, our new Hospitality and Engagement Coordinator and Cathy Pequeño my Religious Education Coordinator, both volunteers, have been a huge help in managing our parish formation work. Our non-school Religious Education continues on track with loyal catechists guiding our students and youth Sacramental formation continues as a guiding endeavor in our parish. Run by many wonderful youth and adult volunteers, Vacation Bible School has been a hit for the second year and we look forward to next summer’s “Shipwrecked” themed fun. RCIA had two wonderful candidacies last year, to which I still marvel, and at minimum four are entering in 2018 following a spirit-filled Alpha encounter. Building on last year’s adult formation work we have added Called and Gifted charism discernment program and an Unbound Deliverance study group, which are fostering much grace for parishioners who are intentionally journeying. We look forward to new men’s and women’s bible study groups, as well as a 4 session program on Spiritual Foundation, beginning in January. We rolled out the Diocesan Grow + Go campaign in November and in February expect to host Diocesan-wide Hospitality and Street Evangelization workshops. The formation opportunities are plenty here and we hope to see more current and new parishioners join the journeying ranks! ~Tony DiMaria,

DIACONATE: Dcn. Jerry Brennan and his wife Ronnie have been members of the parish for over 12 years. They have 5 adult children and several wonderful grandchildren and often travel to Chicago or Toronto to visit them. Jerry recently retired as the Director of Permanent Diaconate for the diocese of Lansing. Before going to work full time in the Church, Jerry held a number of corporate executive positions and has a finance and legal background. Ronnie is a Secular Franciscan and serves as a Sacristan here at Holy Spirit. ~Jerry Brennan,

MUSIC: This has been a blessed year for the Music Ministry at Holy Spirit Parish. The “Two Tenors” concert was a big hit this year. This is the second year for the Children’s Choir, and we have experienced almost perfect attendance at our rehearsals! In addition to one student violinist and a piano player, we’ve gained another violin, cello and flute! Men’s Chorus has gained a tenor bringing our membership up by 25%! The Contemporary Choir has enjoyed a lot of positive feedback from parishioners. The Holy Spirit Praise Band, which consists of young people playing guitar, drums and singing vocals, rehearse each Thursday evening. Not to be overlooked, are our tireless and ever-faithful cantors! The Music Committee collaborated with other committees to make the Lenten season Masses a little more “coordinated” between all of the participants. Last year, members of the Music Ministry went into the community for a night of caroling! Something that has enhanced weekday Masses is the inclusion of musical accompaniment on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. A couple of special projects in the works are to create a worship supplement to replace the “worship aids” that includes songs not available in the Adoremus and Gather hymnbooks—and to replace our very well used hymnals. We will attempt to retain the “best” hymns from both hymnbooks. Holy Spirit ministries share a common goal—to reach out to the community in the spirit of the “New Evangelism,” working together so that all people of all ages and backgrounds are being served by our efforts. The Music Ministry is here first and foremost to assist in the Eucharistic celebration at each Mass. Our aim is active participation of all worshippers  – in song, as well as in spirit. And of course, to reach out to those who are “unchurched” or who have been away from the Catholic Church for a while. We want no worshipper to be “left behind!” God Bless you all as we embark on another year of ministry in song! ~Leo Lemery,

HOLY SPIRIT CATHOLIC SCHOOL: Holy Spirit Roman Catholic School is currently 69 students strong. This year we have experienced many successes including raising an unprecedented $19,420 at our Wine Tasting Auction Event! These funds will be used to purchase and install new interactive whiteboards, instructor training, and an upgrade in our WIFI system. Beginning in October our students have enjoyed a new sports program at our school. This program has been a collaborative effort with Southeastern Livingston County Sports Authority (SELCRA.) We have just concluded a six week sports sampler program utilizing our beautiful parish grounds. In January students will have an opportunity to take a six week archery class here at school through SELCRA. This class will be open to our students and other school age children in our area bringing new, young families to our school facility. This is a great opportunity for families to learn we are here and see our faith-filled, dynamic school and all we have to offer. Two additional SELCRA sport sampler sessions will be offered beginning in March and May 2018. In March we will be visited by a team of educators and administrators from the Diocese to evaluate our school in order to continue our accreditation through the Michigan Association of NonPublic Schools (MANS.) The school staff have been diligently working over the past year and, we are very excited to attain this lofty goal. Finally, many Holy Spirit School parents have voiced requests for the school to evaluate and replace the current playground equipment. To that end, our School Advisory Board has been fact-finding age and developmentally appropriate playground equipment for our students. We are dividing our efforts into a three-phase playground project proposal that can be implemented as time and funding allow. This fact-finding effort will be ongoing over the winter months. Please continue to keep Holy Spirit School and our efforts to build the Kingdom of God in your prayers. ~Mrs. Christine Blandino,

HOSPITALITY/ENGAGEMENT: The purpose of this ministry is to welcome new parishioners and engage them within our Parish. New Parishioner packets were a good start along with encouraging new and old Parishioners to sign-up for Alpha where wonderful relationships were made with both Jesus and each other. People engage and connect in various ways such as small groups, bible studies, asking people their opinions, encouraging people to sign-up to carry the gifts, promoting our school, bringing back the “Trunk-or-Treat”, helping to keep our grounds up and adding new spiritual opportunities such as the Trinity Trail, our dining with Jesus Table and our Shroud room. Holy Spirit has a lot of “quiet” enthusiasm and I’d like to help bring it out in more deliberate ways, by asking you to consider my new motto:  “Ask not what your Parish can do for you, but what YOU can do for your Parish”. I work closely with our Faith Formation Director, Tony DiMaria, and we are striving to fulfill the Bishop’s initiatives to bring back lapsed Catholics and invite non-Catholics to join this fabulous church. We have so much planned for the coming year to make this happen. We need YOU to help make the difference. Soon, you will see an invitation in the bulletin to jump on board. We will be offering classes to help you not only “know about” Jesus but to have an encounter with Him. Do you think you are already there? I challenge you to find out and go deeper! If you don’t already know who I am, I encourage you to stop by my office/Lending Library and say hello! I look forward to getting to know more of you this coming year and hear your stories about how Jesus has touched your lives….and how many parishioners you have engaged. God Bless all of you! ~Joan Otten,

YOUTH GROUP: There are two groups for teens at Holy Spirit—A Middle School group for grades 6-8 that meets two Fridays per month, and a High School group for grades 9-12 that meets every Friday evening. Our meetings are opportunities for having fun and getting to know each other while working on our relationships with Jesus. There is time for prayer, discussion of current topics, sharing ways to make Jesus part of our daily lives, some type of fun activity, and snacks…you gotta have food! There are also a variety of additional activities to experience such as: movie nights, service projects, discussions, field trips, speakers, retreats, praise and worship Holy Hours, game nights, Cedar Pointe trip, and the March for Life pilgrimage. It is great to be with other teens with similar interests, challenges, and struggles as we can be a great support and inspiration to one another. All teens are encouraged to join us for a meeting or an activity as your schedule allows. ~Mrs. Mary Dewan,

FACILITIES: It’s been a very busy year. I’ve been working three years as manager of the campus facilities as well as supervisor of the St. Joseph Guild.  Along with my co-worker, Dave Paffel, and thanks to the generosity of numerous parishioners, we installed the new sign along Winans Lake Road, the Trinity Prayer Trail,  and our new John Deere tractor with snowblower works great. In the coming year we look forward to the restroom renovations. St. Joseph Guild members have been working on special projects weekly and helping take care of our grounds. Thank you everyone who helps with this. We have also added members to our St. Joseph Guild, both men and women, and we look forward to a very enlightened new year. The Guild meets on Wednesday mornings and anyone is welcome to come and help out. I’d also like to thank the cemetery committee for approving our leaf blower/multipurpose machine which made the fall clean up a snap. ~Tim Comperchio,

CONQUEST: Conquest is a father/son Catholic virtue development club which meets on Friday evenings in 6-week blocks/18 meetings per year. Fun for boys with their dads, prayer and study of virtue and how it can be applied to our daily lives is the meeting focus. ~Todd Borek,

ALTAR SERVERS: Servers assist the priest in a special way during Holy Mass and other Liturgies held at Holy Spirit Church. Responsibilities are to come early for Mass, set up the altar, serve Mass and clean up the altar afterward. Servers are usually scheduled for 6 Masses per quarter. Open to boys and girls, training is provided every fall and the only requirement is that the child must have received their first Holy Communion. The careful work and training that is necessary seems a small price to pay for the privilege of kneeling so close to the altar during the Consecration when Christ becomes truly present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist! If you or your child would like to become a member of the Altar Server Team (must have received First Holy Communion), please contact me. ~Annabelle Clinger,

LECTORS: Serve God and Holy Spirit Parish by arriving early for Mass to say a prayer with Fr. John and the other Lectors and then clearly and reverently recite the assigned readings to the congregation during Mass. Schedules are made quarterly. On average, a Lector will read 1-2 times per month at a Mass of their preference. Training is provided and meetings are held as needed. ~Bill & Char Curtis,

WOMEN’S GUILD: “… to spur one another to greater virtue, deeper prayer, and generous service to the parish and wider community” (By-laws). Activities include preparing funeral lunches, craft projects for the poor, bake & craft sales, annual rummage sale the week after Easter, pasty making, deceased member’s Mass and December and June member parties. All women of the Parish are automatically members and are welcome to come to activities! ~Rose Heinrichs,

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: The Holy Spirit Council 7891 supports clergy, Holy Spirit parish and other charities. Members attend monthly meetings and volunteer for fundraisers, American Red Cross blood drives and parish events. General membership meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of every month, and officers meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Activities include Parish Pancake Breakfasts (6 per year), Blood Drives, Christmas Wreath Sale, Mentally Handicapped Tootsie Roll Drive and host the Heavenly Cruz Car Show, Scrap Metal Drive and work at other Parish events. ~Wayne Clinger, Grand Knight

HEAVENLY CRUZ CAR SHOW: Annual event held in the summer at our Parish Pavilion and fields to display classic cars and provide awards for “best” entertainment and raffles. Funds raised for charity, especially education. Lots of fun for those involved. Meets as needed in the months before the event, and workers volunteer 6-8 hours on the day of the event to help with registration and check-in, food, entertainment, raffles, awards and clean up. Raised over $2000 in 2017, a portion going to the school and other charities. ~Mike Rzeppa,

K of C BLOOD DRIVE: Since 2012 the Knights have hosted and organized an American Red Cross blood drive 4 times per year on a Saturday. Volunteers set-up, check donors in, serve refreshments after they donate, and register anyone wishing to donate at the next drive. The goal is to collect 60 pints of blood and they almost always make that goal. The next drive is scheduled for January 27, 2018. Donors can register online at ~Mike Radelt, 810-231-9361

USHERS: Greet and aid all visitors and parishioners who come to Mass and help them feel welcomed and comfortable at our Church and proud of our Parish by giving a smile and a kind word to all. Ushers are scheduled to serve all of the weekends of one month (either Saturday evening or Sunday morning) for 3 or 4 months of the year. Additional opportunities available for Easter, Christmas and Holy Days. ~Yvonne Hospidor,

SACRISTANS: Our volunteer sacristans do much work that is often unnoticed. They can easily be referred to as ‘God’s Housekeepers’. The responsibilities of our sacristans include preparing the sanctuary for specific seasons and liturgies, taking inventory and ordering supplies, maintaining the church complex, and assisting at every liturgy. Some of the sacristans also clean the rectory every other week on Thursday morning. If you would like to get involved in this ministry please contact Cathy Wylie or the Parish office. ~Cathy Wylie, Parish Office 810-231-9199 x200

COURAGE/ENCOURAGE: Courage is an international apostolate of the Catholic Church, which ministers to persons with same-sex attractions and their family and friends. EnCourage is a ministry within Courage dedicated to the spiritual needs of parents, siblings, children, and other relatives and friends of persons who have same-sex attractions. Standing by the true teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, EnCourage members support one another and their loved ones through discussion, prayer and fellowship. Please contact me for dates and time of meetings of the Brighton, Michigan chapter. ~Fr. John,

FR. LOBERT: is a parishioner of Holy Spirit and serves as Chaplain at Fr. Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor. Fr. Lobert often concelebrates Mass with Fr. John.