Religious Ed 1st-8th Grades

Our aim of catechesis, which is the same for our Diocese, is not simply to instruct but, through a safe learning environment, to form young hearts and minds to grow into a lived relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Word, and the Holy Spirit.

Parents and guardians who enroll their children in our religious education program are partners with our parish in their children’s education. Parish and family catechesis are inseparable from one another because they each fulfill distinct needs of our children to grow morally and spiritually into disciples of Christ.  At Holy Spirit we pledge to support you,  the parents, who are rightfully the primary educators of your children, by providing your child with a program that faithfully teaches according to the Catholic Church.  We ask you as parents to regularly participate in the life of the parish as a loving witness of the Catholic faith for your child, attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, pray with and for your child, and help your child learn all the prayers assigned throughout the year.

Other program priorities include:

  • Ensuring that the fundamentals of the Catechism of the Catholic Church are incorporated into catechesis.
  • The formation and certification of directors of religious education, teachers and catechists to reflect the importance of the Profession of Faith, Sacraments, Commandments, and Prayer.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of religious education texts with respect to their doctrinal content and appropriate methodology.
  • The continued support and development of all those engaged in passing on the Catholic faith to the newest generation of believers.



1) Fill out our Religious Education Registration Form online by clicking on: Online Registration Form

or click 2021-22 Religious Education Registration Form to download a form and submit your completed copy to the parish office (or email it to Mary Anne Bastian at

2) Pay online:
a) create an account or “Quick Give” at: Online Giving
b) setup payment method

c) select Give a New Gift
d) select the Religious Education Fee, One Time Gift
e) paying the appropriate amount based on the Rates listed on the Religious Education Registration Form (Family Fee Paid Once)


3) Send a check to Holy Spirit Catholic Church with Religious Education in the memo to: Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 9565 Musch Rd, Brighton, MI 48116

If you have any questions contact Mary Anne Bastian, Director of Faith Formation at 810 231-9199 x209 or email