Our Dining with Jesus


Come and have lunch, hold meetings, meditate or just come and say “Hello My Lord”.
All are welcome – No reservations needed. There is outdoor seating from 1 to 12.

A permanent, life-size replica of a seated Christ at the Last Supper table has been erected in a serene, outdoor setting on the beautiful grounds of Holy Spirit Catholic Church. This is one of only 5 “Last Supper” replicas in the United States and it is currently listed on Michigan’s Roadside Attractions list. (roadsideamerica.com/location/mi)

This biblical reproduction located in our “Serenity Court” on a stamped concrete flagstone patio surrounded by towering trees, consists of a life size bronze metal sculpture of Jesus breaking bread at a table surrounded by 12 empty seats. The three dimensional bronze metal sculpture was created by internationally renowned Timothy P. Schmalz. The massive Last Supper table and seats constructed and installed by Dynamics Hardscapes & Construction LLC, Homer, Michigan are made of polished concrete, stone and glass,.

The bronze metal plate, cup, and statue of Jesus seated at the table was cast in Thailand and shipped to Holy Spirit Catholic Church. The table, seats and patio were all in place waiting for the “Host” to arrive. After about 3 weeks of delay and wondering when the statue would arrive, it was finally delivered in 2012 on the anniversary date of 9/11 by a UPS truck after being removed from the ship in Vancouver, Canada. At the same time our parish secretary noticed the UPS truck pulling into our parking lot, she observed, above in the sky, that two planes had made a cross with their contrails. She happily announced to everyone “Jesus has arrived”!

There are many more stories to be told about our “Dine with Jesus”. People from all walks of life (Methodist, Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, Mortorcyle Clubs, and teachers from Midland, Michigan among many others) have visited this life size seated Christ.

Holy Spirit Pastor, Fr. John Rocus, extends an invitation for all to come, have a seat, and “Dine with Jesus” or simply spend some time in prayer and reflection.