October 15, 2017



Well it’s one of those weeks where I don’t feel particularly inspired, so I will simply allow the Spirit to move my thoughts to say whatever comes to mind. I think they call that ‘stream of consciousness’.

First off, last weekend was very nice for me. It started with the blessing of the animals on our new Trinity Trail. We thought it would be rained out but the sun came out at the last minute and we had a small contingent of doggies; no cats, guinea pigs or iguanas. The leaves are falling out there now and before too long things will be looking pretty bare. But you really should take a walk if you haven’t so far. Enter by the narrow gate and you will see a young Jesus greeting you with open arms. Turn right to see the statue of St. Francis on the birdhouse loop. Yes, look up to see the growing bird house collection. Continue on your way and you’ll soon come upon our new altar. It was re-assembled from an altar that was rescued from the Maxey Boys Training School. The St. Joseph Guild cut the marble top into four parts, and with some help from tile man, Gabe Neeb, we got a new marble top put onto the base and are now ready to say a first Mass out there.

Continue on to see statues of St. Joseph, St. Kateri, and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hopefully, more will be added some time soon. It is a work in progress.

Of course last Saturday evening was my surprise ten-year anniversary party. It was a wonderful evening for me. Andrea in our front office put together a collection of pictures from the past decade that really brought back a lot of memories. Thank you all who either came or offered kind words, gifts and greetings.

Janet Duff of our parish came up and offered a little testimonial thanking me for introducing St. Philomena to our parish. I wanted to offer a little addendum to her comments and say that St. Philomena was already here. Mrs. Loewe, our principal at the time, had a picture of St. Philomena on her office door. But Janet felt as if our little Saint had something to do with Holy Spirit being in a very unique position. How many churches in Michigan, she asked, do you think are In the middle of a construction project that will bring 1000 new homes to the neighborhood? Well, I don’t know if Philomena had anything to do with that, but I’m more than happy to give her credit and to plead for her continued help in preparing to greet those new neighbors.

Although it hasn’t happened as of this writing, the wine tasting event is scheduled for this weekend and Janet, along with a crew of laborers, worked very hard to make it happen. Thank you Janet, Jeff, and crew, all those who contributed to the auction, and of course all of you wine tasters who attended.

Finally, we have concluded the six month anniversary commemorating Our Lady’s Apparition at Fatima. I hope you were inspired to reconsider Her message of peace for the world and a renewed commitment to praying her rosary.


The feast of the apostles Simon and Jude is coming up. It marks the second anniversary of the healing ministry named after them. The ministry has decided that the first Sunday of the month will be our official weekend for praying over people for healing. So please join us then in the Shroud Room after all weekend Masses for prayers asking our Lord for healing of body, mind, and/or spirit. Fr. J


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