November 5, 2017



Priesthood Sunday (belated)

The homily today was about the priesthood and it was a little on the negative side. But it was the readings that set the tone. Priesthood Sunday, which was celebrated last week, was meant to address the positive side of the priesthood. It was instituted several years ago at a time when we were under fire. It was meant to renew interest and respect for this very special institution which was, after all, begun by Christ at the Last Supper. He did this for several reasons, not the least of which was to “confect” the Eucharist, that is, to create, from bringing together several ingredients, as in baking, the bread and wine to make the body and blood of Christ. This is the “living bread” come down from heaven, our spiritual food.

A few days after the Last Supper, after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to his Disciples and gave them a share of His Divine Authority. They were now able to do something that only God can do, and that is to forgive sin.

But priests also baptize, witness marriages, preach, anoint the sick, counsel, bless religious articles, write bulletin articles, attend many meetings, evangelize, cast out demons, attend more meetings, bless houses, and are generally masters of ceremony at their parishes encouraging, cheer-leading, enabling, “teaching, governing, and sanctifying” the flock entrusted to them. They are frequently called on to bless something or to say an opening or closing prayer at a hundred different types of functions. And through all of this they must not forget to be nice, being all things to all people, always saying the right thing, at the right time, and not ruffling any feathers or rocking anybody’s boat. Actually, these last few things are expectations of the people, but not of God; He actually does instruct us to rock people’s boats, often telling them things they may not want to hear.

So it is a big job, but, as we all know, it is very important. Although I may have been initially resistant to the call, I can now see that it was God’s plan for my life and I am resolved to do the best I can. Thanks again for all the support you’ve given me these past 10 years here at Holy Spirit Parish.


Again, I’ll be gone until a week from Thursday. Keep me in your prayers. Thanks to the several brother priests who will be covering for me. I’m not covered on all days, so please check the bulletin for Mass times. Deacon Jerry has agreed to do a few Communion Services.

When I return I am planning to join many of you going down to Ford Field for the Fr. Solanus Casey Beatification Mass. It will be a great day. I’m wondering if we can fill up the stadium.

Don’t forget to bring your food to the Thanksgiving Day Mass to have it blessed. It really has not been much of a tradition here at Holy Spirit but I would like to encourage it.

If anybody is able to partake in a mission of mercy, Benedictine Sister Patricia Ann, formally of Agnus Dei Academy in Whitmore Lake, is now in assisted care in Dimondale, just the other side of Lansing. She would like someone to pick her up and take her to see Mother Regina Mary, who is apparently in hospice and near death in Livonia. Sister Patricia’s number is 517-646-2097.

Lastly, to gain further understanding about the Protestant Reformation, I’ve added some links from the Al Kresta show at Ave Maria Radio to the “Fr. John’s Links” section of our Media tab on our website.  I encourage you to take a listen. Fr. J


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