Mini Homily on 16th Sunday



Someone asked me the other day why I haven’t given a homily on the Supreme Court’s decision on same -sex “marriage”. He said that several of our families

are   confused and afraid and could use a little “shepherding” on the matter. And so I told him I would respond in a mini homily at the end of mass this weekend.

(Deacon Jerry was preaching)

Well first off, I would argue that I have spoken about it. Maybe not as much as some would like, but maybe more than others would like. Its hard to please every

one. Secondly, I’d say, if you’re angry, OK, I could understand that , but what’s there to be confused about.? The Church’s teaching remains the same. Jesus

confirmed the ancient passage from Genesis: ” For this reason a man shall leave his mother andfather and cling to his wife. The two shall become one flesh”. Be

fruitful and multiply. fill the earth.”

But having said that….

We priests are called upon to preach on the gospel. That is the Sunday Readings. And so that’s typically what I do. It doesn’t mean that I can’t preach on current

events or whatever want, and I often do. But most often I will do so in a commentary within the context of a larger homily, on the readings.

But there has been no shortage of ink spilled and words spoken regarding the decision.

Here at our parish we have had opportunities for prayer for all matters that affect the family. And The Family Holy Hour at 3 on the 4th Sunday is one of those

opportunities. Some of you come to that.

We opened our church to and outside organization and had a special regional holy hour of prayer specifically for this cause. One of only a handful of churches in

the Detroit area that did that, Some of you came.


The cause has been, and still remains, a part of our Sunday intercessions.

Some of you listen to Ave Maria Radio from Ann Arbor and tune in to Teresa Tomeo in the morning or Al Kresta in the afternoon. They both have talked about it a

lot leading up to and after the decision.

We have Our Sunday Visitor and Catholic Times periodicals at the back of the church that have discussed the matter. Nobody takes those.

There are many bloggers who have commented on the internet.

Its been a great topic of discussion on both sides of the issue on the cable news channels.

Various individuals have weighed in on the subject by sending out group emails

Someone forwarded an essay from Fr. John Riccardo, a very influential priest from the archdiocese put out a 25 pager. Some of you may have read that one.

So again, there is no shortage of commentary out there for anyone who is interested.

As for me, I wrote a bulletin article about it on the weekend after the decision and I mentioned it again in last week’s bulletin.

Let me just refer to them both here.

In the first one I mentioned that I had actually offered the Sunday masses the earlier week for our Relatives and Friends. I see those as having same-sex

attractions as fitting into that category. I felt that they needed our prayers. I also mentioned that the majority rules in a democracy and that the majority ruled in

the Supreme Court that day, as it did many years ago when they legalized abortion.


But I hope that the point was not lost that Supreme Court justices are appointed by presidents and presidents are elected by Americans who sometimes vote not

based on a person’s personal track record on moral issues, but on their promises to keep taxes low and assist us in filling up our wallets and maintaining our

standard of living.  So what I’m saying is that the Supreme Court was ultimately elected by us Americans.

I have also preached that we have an obligation to the world and that is to preach the truth about marriage to them out there. And I told you how easy it could be.

As easy as wearing a button that says REPENT. Some of you have taken me up on that.

I was not at all expecting that the Supreme Court would come up with the right decision. I think that the decision was just one more negative current event in a

long and growing string of negative current events. Thus I decided that it needed no more or    less attention that I felt I had already given it in 7 years of Sunday

homilies here a Holy Spirit Church.  I could make one suggestion however. We have at our parish a diocesan ministry that meets here monthly. It’s called Courage

and Encourage and it’s a ministry to  those who have to endure same sex attractions, or their families. If you really wanted to learn more about the issue you would

be welcome to attend. I can promise     lots of lively, Catholic discussion.  In addition, we have a conference this summer that could be very The Aug. 10-12

conference at the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth is titled “‘Love One Another as I  Have Loved You’ — Welcoming and Accompanying Our Brothers and Sisters With

Same-Sex Attraction.”

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