Mini Homily – May 10th, 2015

 Sometimes, moved by the Spirit, I add a few more words at the end of Mass. I call it my “Mini-Homily”.

Do you feel as if there is too much negativity in the world? I do. It seems as if everybody is complaining about something. Whining about this and that. An opinion about everything, and the opinion is often a negative one. For many people, the cup seems to always  be half empty, not half full. Yes, there are a lot of critics out there and I had and incident this past week with a critic that I’d like to tell you about. I went to the movies with my friend Fr. Richard. He told my about a new movie that had been recommended by Al Kresta on Catholic Radio( 990 am, avemariaradio.com). He said it was a good story, was faith friendly, and even portrayed Catholic  priests in a positive light. Only problem was that the critics panned the movie. Audiences apparently liked it but the ultra sophisticated purveyors of opinion thought it was a faith-based move that was too sugary and predictable. ( Hollywood has not been kind to the faith in a long time.) In any case, we went,  and at the end we looked at each other in amazement and said, almost in unison, that the critics were all wet. It was a great movie.

Why do I bring this up? Well. Again, there is too much negativity out there. Don’t add to it. Christians are called to be positive, not negative. We are called to be salt and light to our troubled world. That means building up, not tearing down.  Secondly, be discerning in all you hear from the world. Don’t let critics form your opinions. Lastly, Go see that movie. Its called Little Boy. Let me know what you think.

Update. After all this work, the local theater, MJR, pulled the movie. The critics apparently influenced too many movie goers to stay home. Call `em up and ask if they will change their minds.

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