May 21, 2017



When I first came here about 10 years ago, I was approached by a gentleman who said he was a part of a group called Men of the Sacred Hearts. He said that their mission was the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in homes and in parishes. It sounded interesting but frankly, I was a little distracted with the new duties of being a pastor to this parish and so I said I would get back to him, someday. Well I never did, but I never forgot about them either. I have always had a devotion to the Sacred Heart — but it was kind of by default. Most people my age grew up with images of the Sacred Heart and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in their homes. In addition, I went to a Sacred Heart Church and School where I received 12 years of Catholic education. And many years later, I continued that training when I attended Sacred Heart Seminary. Not the local one in Detroit, but the one in Milwaukee.

Most Catholic churches have the images of the Two Hearts on display somewhere, either as statues or paintings. Our church is no exception. We have our two beautiful wood-carved statues of the famous Mother and Son up front behind our altar.

Well as I said, I never forgot the visit of that man, but I recently felt moved to finally act on it. It actually had to do with an inspiration to do a formal consecration of our parish to Mary. I thought this might be an ideal year, considering the anniversary of Fatima, but I wondered what might be a good time to do this. It should start with a novena, I would think, but when? The feast of the Immaculate Heart follows immediately after the feast of the Sacred Heart in June. Well, usually. I noticed a discrepancy this year where we will be celebrating the nativity of St. John the Baptist on that particular day. Nevertheless, I still think that this might be a good time to make a consecration. So, after all this time, I will be contacting the Men of the Sacred Hearts Apostolate to see how they might be able to assist us. Part of their work is to facilitate the enthronement of the Sacred Heart in private homes. Individuals from a team of volunteers in Warren, MI come to homes with a statue of our Lady of Fatima and pray a rosary with the family as part of the enthronement. I suggest you check out their website:  www.menofthesacredhearts.org/

Recently our bookstore staff rescued two incredibly beautiful pictures of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts from the rummage sale. I think they paid two bucks each. What a bargain! I’m going to tell them to put the NFS sign below it. We will find some way to use those pictures in our church or school. Check them out. They are very special.


Again, congratulations to our young people who received the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation. We truly enjoyed the visit of Bishop Boyea for the Confirmation. It was pretty crowded up on the altar as we had four priests and a deacon celebrating with Bishop Earl. Also, many thanks to Tony DeMaria and his team for their hard work in facilitating this event. It all went very well.

A few weeks ago, Fr. Doug Osborne, a retired priest of our diocese, came by to do a funeral. As he greeted me he mentioned that this was his first visit to our parish and that he was very impressed with our grounds. He thought perhaps it was the nicest in the Diocese. I agreed. Just thought I’d let you know. We can be very proud of our setting here, but remember it has, and still does, take a lot of work to keep it up. Thanks to everyone who works so hard to make these grounds so glorious. A little sprucing up will occur in preparation for our annual outdoor Mass on Memorial Day up above the cemetery.

For those of you who missed the Fatima movie last Saturday, it is available through our lending library. Very inspirational.

Also, I put a link on our website to that modern-day “miracle of the sun” in Uganda that I talked about in my homily last week.



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