March 5, 2017



We are now in the fourth season of the liturgical year. Lent has begun and we have hit the ground running. After the distribution of ashes last Wednesday, we have had the Stations of the Cross, with soup supper, and this weekend our Livingston County Vicariate, that is, our eight local churches, is hosting a parish mission. It will be at St. Patrick in Brighton, will run for three nights and begins this Sunday evening at 7:00pm. It will be about encountering Christ, which is a very prominent theme these days. A personal encounter with The Living God can make a significant difference in our lives, of course. Our Mission director is Fr. Ron Richards from the Archdiocese of Detroit. This is one great way to begin Lent and to continue to seek the Kingdom of God in your life. Be advised that I am canceling the Tuesday night Mass so that you can go to the mission.

We also have several opportunities for spiritual growth through classes that are being offered during the season. For the first time in a long time I am offering a class. It’s on the Gospel of Matthew and begins this Wednesday at 7:00pm in the conference room between the Activity Center and the School. Join us if you can and bring your Bible. Again, it’s a movie (and a pretty good one) based word-for-word on the Gospel. We should be able to get through it in four weeks. One week of lecture and three of watching.

Tony DiMaria, our Director of Faith Formation, also has a class on Tuesday nights about the Mass.

We had a wonderful time last week in honoring Deacon Jerry and Ronnie Brennan. I think we really surprised them. Thank you everyone who contributed in anyway to this special event. We made a memento for them that included a graphic of the original seven deacons with panels for the signatures of all of those who attended their party. If you were not able to join us, and if your lives have been touched by the Brennan’s in any way, we still have several lines available for your signature. Just stop in the office and sign on the dotted line.


A few weeks ago we celebrated the new feast day of Blessed (brother and sister)Jacinta and Francisco Marto. They, along with their cousin Lucia, where the shepherd children of Fatima. These two children died in the flu epidemic of 1920. Considering our current situation with so many people sick from the flu, maybe we should be invoking their assistance in prayer.

Our Parish Men’s retreat was this weekend and we hope all who attended will return spiritually rejuvenated. It’s not too late for the ladies to register:


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