March 26, 2017



Happy 4th Sunday of Lent. Laudete! Rejoice!  🎉 Spring   is in the air. It was official last Monday, the spring equinox,  and the Solemnity of St. Joseph. And last weekend was beautiful. It started with a beautiful snow ❄ covering but it was gone by the next day.

On Sunday afternoon, a parishioner invited Fr. Richard and I to go down to the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit for Vespers, or evening prayer. It was something special in that it was sung by the archdiocesan choir 🎼 along with organ 🎹 accompaniment. Archbishop Vigneron was the celebrant. It is a very impressive worship space that was recently remodeled so it is a nice combination of the old and the new. There are several artifacts there that commemorate Saint Pope John Paul II’s visit to Detroit many years ago. I’ve attached a short video of the interior of the cathedral, with organ music, to our links, should you be interested.

To top off a wonderful afternoon, we went over to Hamtramck for a little Polish food.🍺🍴🍰

The Archbishop gave a short homily that, well, really inspired me for my Lenten journey. He was very timely with his comments in that he referred to something that happens every year at this time that captures the imagination of many people. March Madness! 🏀 One might have gotten the impression that he’s a sports fan. The analogy he used compared this part of the basketball season with the penitential season of Lent and was based on an ESPN sportscaster’s commentary. He spoke of certain ball players whom the pundits describe as not really being very invested or committed to the cause of the team’s victory. The players just seem to “phone in” 📞 their time.

But the bishop said that, in all honesty, we, the Catholic faithful, often suffer from the same malady. Our commitment begins to wane as the season unfolds. We fall by the wayside. We get complacent. We just sort of “phone in”. It certainly inspired me, but now my job is to be a cheerleader, and to encourage you in the homestretch. We have passed the halfway point of the marathon race up the hill of Calvary. Hang in there! Fight the good fight, finish the race. 🏁 Below are some good suggestions as to what you still might do before t he season finale.


You can still join any of the Bible classes that are offered here at Holy Spirit. All of them have been getting good reviews.

The Stations of the Cross continue. A great Lenten devotional. We do two versions. One traditional and the other more modern and poetic. The Youth Ministry is planning to do a dramatization of the Stations on the last Friday of Lent (April 7).

We’re also planning to show Jesus of Nazareth (part two) for the Saturday Movie Night 🎬 on April 8 (Palm Sunday weekend). Again, in my humble opinion, it’s the best Jesus movie ever made and a very good way to help understand the Jesus story.

It’s Lenten Penance time and our Communal Penance Service will be on Monday, April 3. If you’ve been away from the sacrament for quite some time now, this is a great opportunity to “wipe the slate clean”, to reconcile with God, and get a fresh start in life.

We have completed our interviews of applicants for the school principal position. We met with six potential candidates and, I have to admit, it was a very interesting process, and enjoyable. It was inspiring to meet so many talented and dedicated people who have made such  a commitment to Catholic education. It will be a very difficult decision to make. Saint Philomena, pray for us.

Many of you have met Andrea McGrath. School-mom volunteer and part-time front office helper. She is now full-time with us. In addition to her duties as bulletin editor she will be taking on the task of media guru. Welcome Andrea.

Sorry for all those “emoticons”. Got a little carried away there.  Fr. J



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