March 12, 2017



Last Sunday at the 11:00 Mass, we introduced two women from our parish who have expressed a desire to come into the Catholic Church. One is a candidate, that is, a baptized person seeking full communion with the Church, and the other is a catechumen, an unbaptized person desiring to come in by way of the sacraments of initiation: baptism, reconciliation, first communion, and confirmation. They were enrolled in our Book of the Elect after which they went to the Cathedral in Lansing to be presented before our Bishop. We will include them as a part of each of our three Masses during Lent so that all of our parishioners might get acquainted with them. Please keep Janet Cowling and Vicky Boylton in your prayers as they continue their Lenten pilgrimage to the Easter Vigil.

The Sts. Simon and Jude Healing Ministry of our parish continues to study and pray and to prepare for our next healing service. It’s been about two years now since our last one, and so the time is right to try again. I’ve heard of another diocesan parish that provides opportunities for healing prayer after their weekend masses. I thought that might be a good idea, too, and so we will discuss it at our next meeting which is this week. My guess is that we could possibly do it between masses on Sunday, and it would be open to anyone who would like to pray with us. The idea is that where two or more are gathered in Jesus’s name, He is there in our midst and will hear, and hopefully answer, our prayers.

As for those seeking prayers, the possibilities are endless. If you are suffering in body, mind, or spirit, or know of someone who could use a prayer, you could stop in between masses. No, we would not forget the 4:00 Mass. Maybe our prayer time at that Mass will be once a month. In the meantime, please keep our ministry in your prayers.

We have had about six individuals apply for the school principal position, and interviews are about to begin. Please keep the process in your prayers as we strive, with St. Philomena’s help, to make a wise decision.

Speaking of our Saint, I occasionally hear interesting stories about her. The latest came to me by way of email with a picture of a Tiffany stained-glass window in the headquarters of the American Red Cross in Washington, DC. It was commissioned in the early 1900’s. Tucked away among many heroic figures is our little saint. This, of course, was back in a time when religious and secular themes could share the same stage, and when religious sensibilities were still respected.

But times have changed. I got another email from someone who shared a picture from publicity for a Detroit art school. It was a blasphemous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I am sad to say that the school is my “alma mater.”


The St. Joseph Table Pasta Dinner is coming up next week. Although everybody is invited, another option for that evening might be the fund raiser for Livingston County Catholic Charities. Dr. Terry and Kate Braciszewski will be trying to win the dance competition. They missed out last year, but I think they can make a comeback. They could use your support.

Next month’s second Saturday movie offering will be Jesus of Nazareth part II which includes much of his ministry leading up to his passion, death, and resurrection.

We got the sad news last Sunday that one of our priests of the vicariate, Fr. Karl Pung of St. Patrick in Brighton, is leaving. He will be assigned to the Diocese in Lansing as Rector of the Cathedral. My guess is that he will be something like the bishop’s right-hand man. I’ve known him to be a very holy and dedicated pastor, and also a big advocate for his fellow priests. God bless you Fr. Karl.



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