June 25, 2017



I had a pretty good time last weekend. It was jam-packed with activity. On Saturday I was with our parish council who had a retreat day off in the woods by Domino’s Farms. It’s called “The Tar Paper Shack” and is a rustic gathering spot for either social, spiritual, or business meetings. The designer/builder/owner is Tom Monahan, and he is very generous in sharing it. I returned from the retreat, in time for the Mass and then off to yet another graduation party. At all of the Masses we watched that beautiful video on Eucharistic Adoration. I hope you were all inspired to consider spending some time with the Lord with either a formal commitment to spend an hour in the Chapel, or to at least make more frequent visits. You can always drop by the church to spend some quality time with the Lord.

At the 9am Mass on Sunday, I proposed a spontaneous Corpus Christi procession out to our new church sign on Winans Lake Road. My Intention was to bless it so that it might bear fruit, that is, that people would see it and get curious and maybe even turn into our church to see what we’re all about. Well, as it turned out, no sooner had I spoken those words, than the clouds opened and the rains fell. So we will plan it again for another day sometime soon.

As for the Corpus Christi procession after the 11am Mass, well, as I had told you, it would be something different this year. Pretty much everyone in the congregation processed through the woods on the new “Trinity Trail Prayer Path”. I think all were impressed. It is indeed a work in progress and we will be adding signage, more statues, bird houses, benches, a screened-in gazebo, or who knows, maybe even a retreat house. Yes, I think a little place for the faithful to spend a day, or even an overnight, in quiet, isolated, solitude to pray and meditate would be a great idea. But would you use it? Maybe that is the first question we need to address. I might do a formal survey, but if anybody has any thoughts on the matter, please do not hesitate to share them with me.

Again, thanks to Gary and Joan Otten and their helpers for the very hard work in accomplishing this project. ~Fr. John



There has been some talk about the return of the Wine Tasting Event in the fall. Jeff Reseigh has again agreed to host it. This would be a fundraiser for the school, and would include an auction. I would like to extend an invitation to all of you crafty types to consider making something to be auctioned off. I have been doing a little woodworking lately and so hope to have a few things ready for an as-of-yet undetermined date in October.

Now, about that retreat house. I’ve got my eye on a spot out in the woods and I think it’s perfect. I am sitting there, in a lawn chair, as I write these words very early last Tuesday morning. It’s shady, cool, quiet, and peaceful. There are squirrels and chipmunks, chirping birds and gentle breezes.  No bugs.

And my Morning Prayer started with these words from the daily hymn:

“The beauty of the rising sun
Begins to tint the world with light,
Awakened nature glows with life
As form and color reappear.”



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