June 18, 2017



It’s Corpus Christi Sunday and today we celebrate the great gift of God’s Real Presence among us; body, blood soul and divinity, within the consecrated bread and wine.

For those of you who were not at the 11:00 Mass, and thus did not participate in the procession, the new route that I told you about was through the woods. Last week’s bulletin told you about our new project, the prayer path that was recently cut through the woods. I thought this would be a great opportunity to both consecrate the prayer path as well as introduce it to at least one Mass, the 11 o’clock crowd. The rest of you are invited to join us or to at least be advised of its existence so that you might enjoy it from time to time as well. I’m sure it will be an ongoing work in progress. In any case, thanks to Gary and Joan and their many helpers and getting it ready for today. This is truly a remarkable accomplishment and it should be put to good use.

This Friday is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We will have a special Mass at 7:00 in the evening (remember, the morning mass is canceled). A major part of this event will be The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in our parish. This is a formal process that was suggested by an apostolate that is headquartered in Warren, The Men of the Sacred Heart. They visit parishes far and wide to assist in this process, and it includes women, too. One of the things that they would like to do is to encourage individuals, and couples, in local parishes to assist them in doing Home Enthronements. Very simply, this is a formalized family activity whereby the household declares Jesus as the Lord and King of their home and of their lives. All of this has its origins in the promises Jesus made to us through St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a religious sister in France in the 1600s. And the enthronement comes from Chili in South America back in the early 20th century.

The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart is typically celebrated on the Friday, nineteen days after Pentecost, making it a movable feast. It is usually followed by the Memorial of The Immaculate Heart of Mary on the next day. This year, however, the Solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist, which is always celebrated on June 24th, falls on that day and is celebrated instead because Solemnities always trump Memorials. In any case, in addition to the Enthronement, we will also consecrate our Parish to the Blessed Mother. It would seem appropriate in this year of Fatima.

I’m sure all of this will entitle us to many more graces that we can add to all those that we have already received here at Holy Spirit. We are indeed truly blessed to enjoy such a wonderful parish with so many dedicated, loving, and generous disciples. May God continue to bless us, one and all.  ~Fr. John



And God has blessed us with a very dedicated parish council. Many of you have served over the years in this august body. The current council went on a retreat this weekend at the Tar Paper Shack, an isolated retreat center not far from Domino’s Farms.

We are looking forward to The Fatima anniversary in July when Juilie Carrick from Arizona, formerly of Michigan, will be bringing her musical presentation to us. Please circle your calendar for July 13-14 to be a part of that special event honoring our Blessed Mother.

A collective thank you to all who sent me cards and gifts on the occasion of my birthday in May and the anniversary of my ordination in June.

Parishioner Mike Paul has put together a beautiful video of our Church grounds taken with his drone. Please check it out at https://goo.gl/cqJKsd.

Don’t forget to check the bulletin board in the Activity Center for some area events and faith-filled pilgrimages, including one to the Holy Land in October 2018 with Fr. Louis Ekka.

Lastly, please excuse an editing error in last week’s cover article about Fr. Charlie. He served at Holy Spirit from 1979-1987. Fr. J

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