July 30, 2017



A special welcome today to Fr. Nduka Uzor who has come from Houston for a mission appeal for his order, the Missionary Society of St. Paul based in Nigeria.

A few weeks ago, Julie Carrick visited our parish to do a two-day mission. It had a Marian flavor, connecting with the July anniversary date of our Lady of Fatima. Julie left a few CDs behind that we could sell through our book store, and I picked up two of them and listened to them in my car while on vacation last week. I have to admit that they were very good. Julie has a very sweet voice and the musical arrangements really seem inspired to me. There was one song on the disc that I particularly enjoyed. As a matter of fact, it was the song she used to audition with us several months ago when she and her husband Kurt passed through our neighborhood. As soon as I heard it, I knew we had to invite her. It’s called From Mother to Mother and I thought I would provide the lyrics for you here. It’s a song by an earthly mother addressed to the mother of Jesus, entrusting her children to the care of her heavenly mother-until that day…when “the battle’s won”. Seeing that so many of our children are so negatively influenced by our culture, with many going astray, even losing their faith, I think this song could serve as a prayer. Here it is:

Mother Mary full of Grace,

would you help me please?

Guide my daughter to the heart of Jesus.

Evil in the world is coaxing her away.

Sins of flesh, of soul, of heart enticing.

Darkness of sin tugs at her soul

And she needs grace.

From mother to Mother

I know you know my heart is true.

From mother to Mother

I place my girls with you.

Knowing you will take them to your Son

Helping me until this work is done

Interceding for us ‘til the battle’s won.

Mama Mary filled with love please direct my son.

Take him deep into the heart of Jesus

Evil in the world is tempting him today

Sins of flesh, of soul, of heart enticing

Darkness of sin tugs at his soul

And he needs grace.

From mother to Mother

I know You know my heart is true.

From mother to Mother

I place my son with You.

Knowing You will take him to your Son

Helping me until this work is done

Interceding for us ‘til the battle’s won.

Interceding for us ‘til the battle’s won.



I was thinking that the previous song would be a good theme song for our new St. Monica Sodality, which is thriving—I guess we should have mixed feelings about that. This new prayer group gathers on the third Monday to pray for children who have left the faith. They invoke the good saint who shed many tears and prayed (successfully) many prayers for her wayward son, Augustine.

Monday is the anniversary of the death of Blessed Fr. Solanus Casey. He died in St. John’s Hospital on the eastside of Detroit in 1957. Tickets are available to go to his beatification Mass which will be at Ford Field on November 18th. We most certainly will get a bus for that day.

Let me offer a gentle reminder to try to get to Mass on time. It’s easy for us to develop bad habits and on some days (and at particular Masses), the late arrivals are reaching scandalous proportions.

OK, while I’m at it, I might also add that, especially during these summer months, people sometimes come to Mass dressed as if they were simply making a stop on the way to the beach. The impression this gives is that the sacrifice of the Mass is simply an afterthought – just one more thing we do on weekends.

Remember, all of this originates with a Commandment (notice, capital “C”!): “Remember to keep Holy the Lord’s Day”. Arriving on time and dressing appropriately seems pretty basic.

Last call, would anybody be interested in making an art/craft project(s) for the Wine Tasting/Auction coming up in October?

Speaking of Fr. Solanus, congratulations to the Fleury family as they welcomed baby Solanus last week. A little bit early, but mom and baby, along with dad, big brother and sisters are all doing well. God bless you. Fr. J


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