February 12, 2017



Throughout the New Testament we hear the ominous warning: “there will come a time……”. It referred to a time in the future with the implication that it will be a difficult and challenging time. A time of tribulation. Yes, I suppose every generation has thought that theirs was the one of which the Scriptures spoke. And that, of course, includes us. But could ours indeed be the time? And what might be the signs that it is our time? There have been plenty of incredible signs, and I’ve spoken about them before; one of them being the appearance of the Blessed Mother at Fatima. In the vision she spoke about signs for our times, some of which have come true. Beginning in May we will be talking more about that apparition as we commemorate its 100th anniversary.

I’d like to share with you an observation of something that is currently happening in the news. You’ve probably heard the recent term “false news”. There are accusations being flung around as liberals and conservatives claim that the opposition is lying so as to obtain a political advantage. False news is also being spread by those who might be referred to as “urban terrorists”. I recently saw an example of this on MSNBC when the reporter was asking questions of a man sitting at his computer typing up false news to be spread across the cosmos by way of an Internet website. The purpose of the interviewer was to try to figure out why he was doing this. What was the man’s motivation? It came down to making money. This was his job. This was how he put food on the table. In essence, what he was doing was writing for an Internet tabloid newspaper. People eat that stuff up. But instead of picking it up in the grocery store checkout line, it is now available by way of cell phones and the like. The man also admitted to feeling some guilt, but that he also got kind of an “adrenaline rush” when he spread his false news. The irony of this whole thing was that the interviewer was none other than defrocked newsman, Brian Williams, who lost his job as chief anchor at NBC for doing the very same thing. I speculate that his motivation was probably nothing more than ego; self-aggrandizement.

In any case, it’s becoming more apparent that one of the signs of the times is the loss of truth. But we should recall that the devil has been referred to as the father of lies, so we might have expected all of this.

Another possible sign of the times comes to us by way of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. You might remember that I spoke about him from the pulpit a few years ago with regard to his “Harbinger” book. The rabbi, who is a messianic Jew – that is, a Christian – has now called our attention to yet another sign that has been set up in New York City. He said that last fall, not too far from “ground zero”, a monument was erected to the ancient false god called Baal. It is a replica of the archway to the Temple of Baal that was intentionally destroyed by Isis in Syria a few years ago. The Jews, in one of their lower points in history, fell into worship of false gods, and Baal was one of them. They even sacrificed their children to this false god (sound familiar?). And so, it seems as if we have yet another sign here on our American soil, of the influence of the evil one, and the progress he is making in our country, in our time.

Lord have mercy.


We now have all new hi-efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, and thermostats. Thank you Selective Heating and Cooling. In our efforts to save money and energy, we have adjusted the church thermostats to more reasonable settings for periods of non-use. So be advised in case you feel a little chilled. We will, however, keep the Shroud Room set at comfortable temperatures.

And if you have no need to utilize the automatic door opener at the front entrance, please don’t use it. It lets a lot of cold air in as it stays open for a long time. Also, another gentle reminder to not drop your “stuff” off at the church presuming that we can somehow use it. You can save it for the rummage sale after Easter.

I’ll be gone for ten days starting tomorrow. Several weekday Masses and/or confession times have been canceled, but Deacon Jerry might be able to do communion services.

We still have a few ministries here at Holy Spirit that have not yet submitted their State-of-the-Parish Report article for the bulletin. I believe that Deacon Jerry will say a little bit about his ministry on the fourth Sunday of the month. It’s also his week for hosting the Family Hour of Prayer at 3 PM (Sunday, February 26th). I think it would be reeaaaal nice if you came by and prayed with him and Ronnie. I’ll be back in time to join you.

And how about that Super Bowl? Fan or not, that was a great game! The KIA commercial got my vote for the best ad. We all laughed out loud. How was Lady Gaga?  Fr. J


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