Engagement and Mission

Hospitality and Evangelization Training Workshops

Hospitality Training Workshop at Holy Spirit – Friday Feb. 16th 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Come join us at this joyful event, where you’ll learn about:

  • Our Call To Holiness – The day begins with a look at our unique calling to live a life that is holy and pleasing to the Lord. We will focus on our gifts of brokenness, perspective and surrender considering how each one provides an opportunity to allow Christ to work through us and draw us closer. We will also take a look at the roots of hospitality in Church Tradition and Sacred Scripture to help us understand how our hospitality can be a beautiful and powerful fruit of our holiness.
  • Our Call To Share – During section two of our training we will focus on understanding and spreading the Gospel message. We will focus on the gifts of evangelism, Gospel sharing and prayer. Authentic hospitality is a reflection of Christ’s love shining through us. In order to understand and share that love we must be strongly connected to Christ through prayer. We will focus on personal, formal and spontaneous prayer and take some time to practice praying with and for others.
  • Our Call To Serve – Christ came to earth to serve rather than be served. During the third segment of our training we will learn to imitate Christ’s service by focusing on the gifts of joy, service and peace. Special attention will be given to resolving conflict, dealing hospitably with difficult people and offering and accepting forgiveness.
  • Our Call To Build His Kingdom On Earth – The final segment is where we put all the pieces into practice. Participants will develop and practice skills for sharing the Gospel with those they meet. Using the gifts of connecting, comforting and mercy we will have an opportunity to plan and practice interactions both in person and on the phone.

The Catholic Hospitality Training Institute exists to empower parishes for the work of evangelization. From transforming the environment of the parish office to using the right words when interacting with guests and parishioners, we equip staff members to make the parish an irresistible welcoming environment. Simply, we empower church employees to share Jesus Christ.

Parish, school, and diocesan support staff have a unique capacity to evangelize. Often times the first 3 minutes a visitor spends with the person of first contact in the parish decides whether they will stay at the parish or leave.

Through our unique one day hospitality training your first contact staff, such as administrative assistants, business managers, custodians, ushers, principals, Christian charity coordinators, and event planners will be evangelized and prepared to receive others in the name of Jesus Christ. Additionally, the Catholic Hospitality Training Institute provides ongoing training and materials that can be shared with the entire staff.


$20.00 Per Person

(Normally $75 Per Person)


  • Full workshop
  • Evening hospitality & meal
  • Training Manual

Space is limited.

Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hospitality-training-workshop-tickets-41296073668?aff=es2

For more information: For information go to http://wp.holyspiritrcs.org/engagement-and-mission/

or call Joan Otten, the Hospitality and Engagement Coordinator at Holy Spirit parish, phone number 810 231-9199 extension 215.

See also: The Catholic Hospitality Training Institute http://catholic-institute.com/

Evangelization Training Workshop at Holy Spirit – Saturday Feb. 17th 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Have you ever wanted to share your love for God and His Church with a family member, friend or associate but you could not find the words?

Have you ever felt the tug of the Holy Spirit prompting you to witness Catholic truth to another, but had trouble entering into a dialogue with that person?

“As a Church, we are called to evangelize and bring the good news to the world. Each one of us has a story to tell about how Christ has changed our lives. St. Paul Street Evangelization will give you the tools you need to articulate your relationship with Christ to a hungry, broken world.” – Jeff Cavins


$20.00 Per Person
Normal Cost: $75.00 Per Person.


  • The full day workshop
  • Morning hospitality & lunch
  • Evangelization materials

Learn about:

The Four Great Questions, Evangelization in Modern Culture, The Spirituality of the Evangelist, The Journey of Discipleship, Basic Etiquette of the Evangelist, Sharing the Gospel, Christian Testimony, Evangelical Apologetics, Healing in Evangelization, Prayer & the Evangelist, and more.

Space is limited.

Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/evangelization-training-workshop-tickets-41419270152?aff=es2

For information go to http://wp.holyspiritrcs.org/engagement-and-mission/

or call Tony DiMaria, the Faith Formation Director at Holy Spirit parish, phone number 810 231-9199 extension 209.

See also: St Paul Street Evangelization http://streetevangelization.com/