Discipleship Groups

Christians seeking out a deeper lived relationship with our Lord.


Does your FAITH = FREEDOM?
Consider joining an eight-week study group in late 2018 and learn how to access more of the liberation promised by Jesus Christ. Through teaching, discussion, at-home reading & reflection, and prayer ministry, you will learn about Unbound, a simple, gentle, yet powerful model of prayer for freedom.
Register for future Unbound events  at www.unbound-michigan.net, where you can learn more about the Unbound model of deliverance prayer.
Questions? Contact the parish Faith Formation office at 810 231-9199 x209


The Divine Will is the one will which is shared by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in heaven as explained in the writings of Luisa Piccarreta. The group is working together to form a community of people who are learning to “live in” the Divine Will.

Meetings include prayer, question and answer session, group readings and discussion about the session topic.

The Divine Will Prayer Group meets on the first and third Thursday of each month from 7:30pm to 9:00pm in the Shroud of Turin Room. Call the parish office for contact info at 810 231-9199



Meets every Saturday at 7:45 am in the Shroud Room –  Come as your able, no registration required 

The mission of the HEAVENLY GRACE foundation, is to share the messages of the Blessed Mother as received by Carolyn Kwiecinski. The men’s group shares Carolyn’s encouraging messages and discusses their call  to lead a better Christian life.

For more information on this movement go to http://www.heavenlygrace.org/




In the CALLED AND GIFTED process, participants learn the critical role they play in the mission to transform the culture and the world.

In the workshop, participants learn that each person has been uniquely gifted by the Holy Spirit with charisms (spiritual gifts) meant to help them fulfill their unique role in evangelization.

Learn how to recognize, and put into action, the supernatural gifts you’ve been given for the building up of our parish and community

Call the parish Faith Formation office at 810 231-9199 x209 for information on the Called and Gifted program in the Lansing Diocese and specific offerings at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. 



No registration required. Call the parish office for group information at 810 231-9199

 The Divine Mercy Cenacles are small groups of the faithful who meet every other week for prayer and discussion on scripture, the catechism of the Catholic Church and the writings of Saint Faustina.

The different groups meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as Monday evening