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   PH: (810) 231-9199      

FAX: (810) 231-6129   

Office Hours:   Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Book & Gift Shop Open:   Monday thru Friday 9:00am – 4:15pm and After Weekend Masses

To reach a parish department call (810) 231-9199 and follow the prompts or dial its extension number (see chart below), or click on the link to send an e-mail.

Parish Position Name Extension E-mail
Pastor Fr. John Rocus 202
Deacon Dcn. Jerry Brennan 205
Marriage Preparation Dcn. Jerry Brennan 205
Business Manager Mike Kanny 203
Secretary Marie Lelko 200
Bulletin Editor Andrea McGrath 200
Faith Formation Parish Office 200
Youth Minister Mary Dewan 207
Vicariate YAM Shannon Scherba
Music Minister Leo Lemery 208
Facility Manager Tim Comperchio 210
Bookstore Reps Shawn Spagnuolo 206
Mary Anne Bastian 206
Cemetery Director Susan Hansen 204
SVdP Michael Farrel 235
Knights of Columbus Ken Neal N/A
Parish Council Ann Bollin
School Office

School Principal

Mary Pat Gainer

Christine Blandino



Eucharistic Adoration Announcement box only 233


Contact Our School:     PH: (810) 900-9050       FAX: (810) 900-9051


School Principal   Christine Blandino    x214

School Office        Mary Pat Gainer        x214