As disciples of Jesus Christ, we, the people of Holy Spirit Catholic Church,
dedicate ourselves to living the Great Commandment to
“Love God with all our hearts, souls and minds… and to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

We will do this under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, committing ourselves to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church by evangelization and education of all, beginning in our parish family and then reaching out in loving service to our world.

1st Sunday of Advent. 2015

JMJ A good driver should always be vigilant, and totally aware and alert to their surroundings when they are behind the wheel. Their primary focus should be on the road ahead . Acar swerving, a soccer ball bounding across the road, or a kid following after it. Or perhaps a deer ready to dart out, …

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St John Bosco dreamdonbosco

November 15, 2015

JMJ Earlier this week we celebrated a few special days that have to do with our Church at Rome. Monday was the remembrance of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. This is the original, ancient “Mother Church” and the “home” of the Bishop of Rome, who is the Holy Father. It’s where the actual “Chair …

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