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Carolyn, the mystic who has allegedly received messages from the Blessed Mother and Jesus, has been coming to our church the past several years on October 24th to provide her annual message. Click on the video above to listen as Carolyn receives her message from the Blessed Mother. You can read along with a transcript of the message here: Transcript of Carolyn’s Message

From the National Catholic Register

Anticipating Advent: 9 Ways to Live the Season Well by Claire Dwyer

This is a time of expectation that should feel sacred but celebratory.

By the time we’ve put away the pumpkins, Christmas decorations and gift buying are in full swing. Storefronts blaze with advertisements, television specials and commercials light up our living rooms with holiday themes, and the radio has us singing about snowmen and reindeer before we’ve finished our Thanksgiving turkey.

It can be difficult, especially with children, to keep Advent as a sacred time of preparation rather than a long, run-on feast. By the time we actually arrive at the liturgical celebration of Christmas, we may already feel overstuffed and exhausted from the noise, lights and materialism of our modern culture.

How can we still our hearts and focus on the real meaning of the season with our families — without begrudging the joy of authentic anticipation? This is a time of expectation that should feel sacred but celebratory. Is that possible?

Many Catholic parents have found a healthy balance. Here are some simple ideas to live Advent well.

  1. Try to have gift shopping done by the start of Advent, and cull the house of catalogues and references to toys, wish lists and shopping, in order to focus on spiritual preparation.
  1. Fill your home and cars with sacred seasonal music —

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Our Lady, Untier of Knots

As per my homily about ‘Penance’ and what we can do on behalf of our country, here is a link to discerninghearts.com where you can find a novena to Our Lady, Untier of Knots.  Under the search icon,  just type in “knots”.  The prayer takes about 7 1/2 minutes per day over nine days. Frj

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