As disciples of Jesus Christ, we, the people of Holy Spirit Catholic Church,
dedicate ourselves to living the Great Commandment to
“Love God with all our hearts, souls and minds… and to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

We will do this under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, committing ourselves to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church by evangelization and education of all, beginning in our parish family and then reaching out in loving service to our world.

27th Sunday – OT – Cycle B, Oct.4, 2015

  The theme of today’s readings is marriage and, in our Gospel today, the Pharisees are once again trying to entrap Jesus, this time with a question about the lawfulness of divorce. Remember the last time somebody spoke out against illicit unions in the region that Jesus is now in? That someone was Jesus’s cousin, …

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  JMJ A few years ago a man named Roy Schoeman visited our parish to tell his conversion story. He was a Jewish convert. Not unlike Rosalind Moss who was mentioned in my homily, he had it all. He was making good money and liked to spend it. He was on the fast track; but deep within, …

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